Survery Pro - Surverypro a scam

Eureka Springs, Arkansas 0 comments

I was looking to answer survery for extra cash and came across survery pro they said it was a money back guarntee and you would get axcess to companies that were top paying and had to buy nothing all for the price of 29.95 $ and it had a money back guarntee well needless to say I opened the email right away but these were all the same compaies I founf on-line that wanted you to complete the offers to get paid like buying things . So I tried to get my money back and guess what Nothing no response to various email or even paypal investgated it and to no suprise it is a scam Don't pay anything to do on line survery 's no matter how good it sounds it isn't true I thought with a money back guaratee I would for sure be protected but again I was wrong I hope this will help someone eles not make the mistakes I did luckily it was only 29.95 $ and not Hundreds but it still was a scam .

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